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You may already use one of the several WhatsApp mods currently available online. We all enjoy trying new things, though. Thus, the most recent WhatsApp mod is called AZ WhatsApp. How could AZWhatsApp be without cool advanced features if every mod has them? You may already be using FM WhatsApp or YoWhatsApp. The mod is comparable. Yeah, as with any other mod, it offers many outstanding features.

App NameAZWhatsApp
Size45 MB
Android Requirement4.4 and up
Last Updated 2 days ago

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You might discover features in this version that weren’t previously present in any other WhatsApp mod. Android developer Ali Al Zaabi developed AZ WhatsApp. He produced 3 variants of AZWhatsApp. They consist of AZ WhatsApp+, AZ WhatsApp2 and AZWhatsApp itself. You may need to use three or four WhatsApp accounts with a single mobile device. All of these apps will be useful at that point.

AZ WhatsApp APK Based On

Using AZ WhatsApp Now, only the WhatsApp by Yousef Al-Basha is used in AZ WhatsApp. It was formerly based on the Atnfas Hoak mod for GB WhatsApp. Ali Al-Zaabi combines his app resources with the most recent YoWA to use the base upgrades since Atnaf Hoaks halted the development of the official GBWA.

In conclusion, this AZ WhatsApp has all the capabilities of Yousef’s app. As a result, you might use only some of the functions that were present in earlier iterations. You don’t need to be disappointed about the developer’s action because he is now working to incorporate such tasks into the AZWA.

With this, you can use four multiple accounts on a single Android device. It might be the cause of the download links being sought.

Features Of AZ WhatsApp APK

The features of an application are virtually always what most motivate users. It is because most people look for an app based on its features. As a result, I’ll go through some of AZ WhatsApp’s fundamental and crucial features in this excellent and dialogue-driven APK. Hence, consider them as follows:

Privacy Protection

Because it offers greater privacy, AZ WhatsApp is well-liked. Because it provides its users with various privacy protection features, it lets them keep their activities hidden. AZ WhatsApp APK is, therefore, the best option for maintaining your privacy.

conceal ticks

double-tick conceal

recording status hiding typing status

DND Mode

In AZ WhatsApp, an airplane mode enables you to turn off your WhatsApp’s internet connection independently. Also, select Airplane mode if you want quiet and are interrupted by calls and messages. You can label it “Do not disturb mode” without worry.

APP Lock

To prevent unauthorized usage of your account:

  1. Enable app lock for your AZ WhatsApp.
  2. Secure your WhatsApp account by setting a password. Your data will be protected from others by a password.
  3. Set your AZ WhatsApp account to locked, then.

Protect – Secure Chats

Safeguard or set a password on any chat you don’t want others to see. In AZ WhatsApp APK, you can effortlessly safeguard any conversation.

No one will be able to read or listen to your talks if you protect them. Therefore always keep them safe.

Awesome Themes and Fonts

The attractive themes and fonts that AZ WhatsApp offers are its unique selling point. Its pieces all have excellent visuals and will completely alter your WA Interface. It features more than 30 typefaces and more than 3000 lovely themes. Your regular WhatsApp will become a fully customised version of WA after doing these two things.

Customised Display

Have you ever altered the appearance of your WhatsApp display? In that case, give this a listen. You can now change the colors and themes of your cellphone device’s display. Also, this WhatsApp offers 30 fonts that are entirely original and cutting-edge.

Also, you will get a wide selection of 3000 themes for your display.

This APK app’s introduction of 15 languages is even another incredible feature. So you’re able to flip between several languages and translate your communications.

Secure & Advanced

The application has numerous security protocols in place, making it highly secure. Also, you can assign different passwords to various chats so that you are aware of them. Also, accessibility to this WhatsApp is challenging due to the chat-to-chat encryption it offers its users. Hence, consider them as follows:

You can label it “Do not disturb mode” without worry.

Have you ever altered the appearance of your WhatsApp display? In that case, give this a listen.

So you are free to access it.

The main feature of AZ WhatsApp

  • Animated Stickers Are Compatible With WhatsApp Pay.
  • Emojis from today are added
  • From the Forwarded messages, remove the forwarded tag.
  • Online Status Hiding Double Tick Conceal Blue Tick Planned invisible messages
  • Auto Response
  • Send a custom message
  • Ban Calls From the Specific Individual
  • Current DND Mode
  • Supported by Android 4.0 and includes an integrated multi-language ban
  • Save contact status
  • instead of 30 seconds, share a 7-minute status update.
  • Share only 100 MB of your video
  • Send forth high-quality pictures
  • Data backup location WhatsApp Lock Share
  • A different GIF source can be used to password-protect a single chat.
  • A lengthy selection of lovely themes
  • Swipe to reply quickly, and there will be plenty more!


The APK file requires Android 2.3.3 as the minimum operating system, and the “Unknown sources” option must be enabled in Settings>Applications before the software can be installed.

This program is an altered version of the official application created by a third party independent of the owner or Malavida, neither of which has vetted, validated, or accepted the latter. The user is solely responsible for downloading, setting up, and using this program; Malavida is not responsible for any consequences that may occur on your device. This version has no affiliation whatsoever with Malavida, the original creator of the modified program, or any of their trademarks.


What does AZ WhatsApp APK do? It is what?

One of the greatest mods for WhatsApp is AZ WhatsApp. This mod’s ability to remove duplicate media files is one of its features. This hack offers better features than the stock WhatsApp on your phone.

How can I download the newest version of AZ WhatsApp APK?

Visit the AZ WhatsApp official website to download the app. You can access its direct download link to download it to your phone after you visit our website. Also, we consistently work on updating and modernizing our site’s MODs. You may quickly get AZ WhatsApp’s most recent version from our website.

Is using AZ WhatsApp APK on my phone secure?

I advise you guys to utilize AZ WhatsApp without entering your phone number.

Because your account can be banned, future account bans are a possibility. Thus, I advise using a temporary number on AZWhatsapp.


This mod’s qualities are what make it popular. Although it shares many of the same capabilities as the original WhatsApp, it also has some incredible features that set it apart from the latter. A few options include DND mode, Anti-ban, customization, and other privacy features. Learn more about this mod’s features by using it.

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