Blue Whatsapp Plus APK Download (Latest Version) For Android 2023

Blue With WhatsApp, you can use many features that aren’t offered by the official version of the software. WhatsApp Blue is a modded version of the official WhatsApp. The latest version of WhatsApp Blue functions as its name suggests.

The fantastic WhatsApp mod was made by a third-party developer who discovered some restrictions in WhatsApp and had the brilliant idea to make it available for free download and installation on Android devices.

App NameBlue Whatsapp
Size60 MB
Android Requirement4.4+
Last Updated1 Day Ago

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Numerous unique features exist, like the ability to simultaneously send messages to more than 100 recipients. Or more than 30 photos to a single recipient or group.

You’ll be happy to know that a new version of WhatsApp has just been published if you’re one of the many people who can’t live without it. It has a fantastic new feature set called “Blue WhatsApp Plus.” Users are given it positive feedback so far. Here is how to obtain it if you want to try it.

Blue Whatsapp

WhatsApp is essential software for many of us to have on our phones. We use Facebook to discuss events or outings, share photographs and videos, talk with friends and family, and more. What if you had access to more tools and could send animated GIFs along with your messages? You can now, though! Please welcome Blue WhatsApp Plus! Numerous fascinating improvements in this updated edition of the messaging app will make using it much more enjoyable. For more information on how to launch this critical new update, visit this blog post!

Features in BlueWhatsApp

After users learned about the capabilities offered by this software, interest in this WhatsApp mod started to increase. There is a sizable population that uses Blue WhatsApp Plus. You will learn about a lot of the incredible features that Blue WhatsApp offers.

If you are using Blue WhatsApp Plus, there are additional capabilities, but not in the version you see.

Stay logged in:

One more fantastic WhatsApp feature is that, unlike other conversations and chat rooms, you will always be signed in to your account unless it is modified. You will frequently have to save your passwords and other sensitive data to your device, which is risky. Therefore, you have already been logged in and have all your available information to use when you decide to use the app.

Available offline messaging:

The software does not prioritize having a Wi-Fi or Internet connection. Your messages can also be sent offline and will still be saved on the server. Your message will be transmitted when you and the recipient have some connection.

Group Chat:

Using the group chat feature, you can include several people on a single call. This app is for you if you ever need to plan a family gathering or group meeting.

Access the app from anywhere:

When you decide to use WhatsApp Blue as your messaging app, there are no additional fees or charges for international use. No matter where they are, you can talk with any of your friends, family, partners, or other people. The call will only take a click if you both have a strong internet connection.

Complete Blue Interface:

One of the nicest and coolest aspects of Blue WhatsApp Plus that you will notice right away You can switch to a blue WhatsApp interface if you get tired of the standard, dull green one. Although this program is based on WhatsApp, the new WhatsApp mod version allows you to ultimately experience a different layout.

No Charge:

For installing and downloading this fantastic app, there are no fees. The most recent version of WhatsApp Blue APK is readily available for download. Many apps charge you when you use the premium features, but Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is free, so you won’t need to worry.

New Features in the Latest Version

  • An anti-ban feature is included in this WhatsApp mod.
  • On the same phone, you can use both Blue WhatsApp Plus and standard WhatsApp.
  • Without saving phone numbers, you can still make calls.
  • Voice Your home screen will have a blue theme with this hack.
  •  Calls can be turned off, and Blue WhatsApp can be customized in any way you’d like.
  • You can let people use the data on your phone.
  • We can use a variety of media features with yor WhatsApp account.
  • You can make calls from your own device’s deleted contacts.
  • When you have a reliable internet connection, it automatically creates offline texts on the server and delivers them back.
  • Themes for WhatsApp Plus in blue have been introduced.
  • Download WhatsApp Blue so no one can see that you are online by hiding your status.
  • Blue WhatsApp Plus does not require pin registration, unlike previous versions.
  • Like the original messaging app, using this one will not sign out.
  • you can change your chat screen for your internet chat.
  • Compared to other WhatsApp mods with a variety of themes, the blue version of the program has a distinctive feel.
  • Voice memos are sent the same way as other WhatsApp app modes.
  • you can modify the home screen’s appearance .
  • When you have Wi-Fi or an online connection, you can modify the chat’s appearance and text fonts.


Are WhatsApp mods, such as Blue WhatsApp, safe to use?

The original WhatsApp-influenced apps include WhatsApp Blue and WhatsApp Red, modified versions of WhatsApp. You can download these mods in your phone without risking the loss of your data.

The blue WhatsApp—which one?

Whatsapp Blue is a modified version of Whatsapp that includes features not included in the original Whatsapp app, which is accessible via the Google Play Store or even the Apple App Store. These features include more customization options, excellent privacy settings, and more functions. However, there are restrictions when utilizing a modified app.

What is the procedure for updating Blue WhatsApp?

You can upgrade WhatsApp Blue by clicking the “download” option if you believe you have the older versions of the WhatsApp modifications. You can do this to get the most recent version of this mod and begin using Blue WhatsApp Plus.


If are looking for a solution to improve your WhatsApp experience Blue WhatsApp Plus is worth looking . In addition to the conventional messaging programs on iOS and Android devices, this customized version of the official WhatsApp Messenger has several unique capabilities. Making conversations with up to 256 individuals with this app is a valuable tool that makes managing large projects more straightforward than ever.

If you liked what you saw, we recommend you get Blue WhatsApp Plus immediately!

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