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Another WhatsApp mod created by the Fouad MODS creator is Fouad WhatsApp. You will be able to distinguish it from the stock WhatsApp Messenger once you see the Fouad Mods logo and its unique settings because of how similar its UI is to that of the stock version. According to its current changelog, enhancements and bug fixes have been included in the most recent Fouad WhatsApp v9.35.

Fouad Whatsapp

App NameFouad WhatsApp APK
App size56.2 MB
FeaturesExtra Features
Last Updated2 hours Ago

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Longer’s newest release no longer functions effectively on KitKat; only 5.1 or higher Android versions are allowed. A wide range of security, privacy, MOD capabilities, customization, and other features are available in the latest version of WhatsApp for Fouad. You can upload high-resolution videos or photographs, transfer large files, alter the app’s icon, forward a message to 250 people at once, and more with Fouad WhatsApp.

fouad whatsapp

This program’s functions and user experience are now identical to the widely used WhatsApp mod, GBWhatsApp. Today I will give you a direct link to download Fouad WhatsApp and walk you through the installation process.

Fouad WhatsApp Features

Freeze Last Seen:

The last seen status is frozen as part of Fouad WhatsApp’s innovative privacy feature. When we open a chat on WhatsApp, we can automatically check when the other person was last online. Your previous seen status will be frozen when the Freeze Last Seen option is enabled, and other contacts will only view that status and not the most recent last seen.

View Status Hidden:

It is a status privacy function that enables seeing other people’s status updates without alerting them to your viewing.

Delete Resistance Status:

It is an additional status privacy feature that prevents other WhatsApp users from erasing your status update. You will need help to remove your WhatsApp status once it is activated. You will still be able to see their status update even if they erase it.

Who can call me?

If WhatsApp calls consistently annoy you, consider using this MOD function. It gives you some control over who may call you. On WhatsApp, everyone can call you by default. You can alter it using this option to read My contacts, My contacts except…, Selected communications, Nobody, etc. If you select Nobody, you won’t get any calls on your Fouad WhatsApp.

Disable Forward:

Disable Forwarded also removes the Forwarded tag from the forwarded message in Fouad WhatsApp’s privacy settings. You’ve probably noticed that a post on WhatsApp that is delivered to you is automatically marked as “Forwarded.” You can delete the mark, and your forward message will no longer get the forwarded tag by turning on this function in Fouad WhatsApp.

Delete the prevention message:

A neat chat privacy feature that stops someone from erasing a message they’ve sent to you. If someone sends you a WhatsApp message, it will be readable for you if you don’t delete it immediately. Many Fouad WhatsApp users genuinely use that excellent privacy function.

After Reply, Display Blue Ticks:

When this option is turned on, your contacts will only see blue ticks when you reply to their text.

Whatsapp Lock:

The highest security function of Fouad WhatsApp lets you use it to keep other people out of your WhatsApp chats. It adds a password lock so that unlocking Fouad WhatsApp requires a password. It can also be referred to as the first lock screen.

You may customize it thoroughly and set the password as either a pattern or a PIN. Additionally, you can disable and make pattern vibration invisible.

Universal colour:

You can alter the colour of several items in Fouad WhatsApp with this tool found in the global settings. Elements like the background, navigation bar, chat divider, status bar, and more may change their colours.

Styles (appearance and feel):

It has functions like changing font style, notification icons, emoji type, launcher icons, etc. The MOD styles function in Fouad WhatsApp allows users to change these looks and sensations.

Gallary’s media is hidden:

Consider using this option if you frequently need more storage space on your phone due to the media files you get through Fouad WhatsApp. It will stop Fouad WhatsApp from saving any media files to your gallery, including images, videos, and GIFs.

Restoring and backing up:

In addition to WhatsApp’s built-in chat backup capability, Fouad WhatsApp also features a sophisticated backup and restore tool. It offers data backups like Titanium Backup and enables WhatsApp to back up and restore data. You can also delete chat backups with a single click.


It’s simple. You’ve probably heard that “WhatsApp mods block accounts.” Well, using the anti-ban mechanism, third-party developers are attempting to prevent the official WhatsApp ban on your account. Some WhatsApp mods also use this method. Fouad WhatsApp has a significant function like this. You no longer need to worry as much about the banning system because we have an anti-ban mechanism in place.

Added High quality of images and videos:

Yes, without a doubt. Unlike the insane official WhatsApp, which degrades the quality of shared media files, Fouad WhatsApp does not do this. You can transfer films and high-resolution photographs with your contacts with Fouad Mods. With the new update features, you can email 1 Gb of files at a time. Additionally, you can email more than ten pictures at once. Transmit the high-resolution media files. It’s free and straightforward to get right now from our website.

Theme Store and New Sticker Packs Added:

You are aware of theme packs, of course. You can utilize the YoThemes features in Fouad WhatsApp to add stunning and brand-new themes to your account. Enjoy each of these themes without cost. And you need to be aware of sticker packs. In any case, you can now add sticker packs and personalized sticker packs to Fouad WhatsApp, thanks to a recent upgrade. Sticker collections are also available for download through the Play Store. You can download as many sticker collections as you like. Make your chats awesome-looking. What do you think, then? Go for it.

What’s New in Fouad WhatsApp APK

Numerous new features, crushes, and bugs are fixed in the updated Fouad WhatsApp APK 2022. For additional details, continue reading.

  1. updated base
  2. Updated anti-ban mechanism
  3. A new setting design
  4. Backup functionality is offered.
  5. adding custom stickers
  6. Fixed bugs
  7. Fixed crashes
  8. Effortless usage of the latest update

With the most recent version, Fouad WhatsApp for Android, the core has been given a fresh look to improve your experience and chat experience.

This new update has altered the Fouad WhatsApp setting style to give you a fresh look. To benefit from all these features, immediately upgrade to the latest version.

The backup capability was absent from earlier Fouad WhatsApp mods, but it is now in the most recent version. To recover your data in an emergency, back up your chats.

Download Fouad WhatsApp Latest v9.35 on Android

As you know, Fouad WhatsApp is a MOD application, making it unique from other programs. It can be denied if you attempt downloading it, usually on your phone, due to Play Protect, a Google Play security function. Additionally, if you have a security program installed on your phone, it can prevent Fouad WhatsApp from downloading. It occurs because most security tools or applications today can quickly identify app alterations. And they swiftly neutralize whatever threat they discover.

Here, I’ll explain how to safely get the most recent version of Fouad WhatsApp on an Android device. You can download Fouad WhatsApp on your phone if you attentively follow the instructions.


After installing Fouad WhatsApp on your smartphone, you must allow installation from unknown sources. Because this mod is still unavailable on recognized websites like the Google Play store, we must activate this permission. Go to Settings > Security > Permissions > Enable Unknown Source to enable installation from unknown sources. We must first allow installation from unknown sources to properly install any of the WhatsApp mods.


You must now locate the Fouad WhatsApp APK file in your device’s storage after enabling the permission to install from an unidentified source. To do this, navigate to device storage > Downloads > Fouad WhatsApp APK, touch the install button, and then wait a moment.


The official WhatsApp APK installation process has been completed. All of the unique characteristics of Fouad WhatsApp are now accessible and usable. If you want to learn more, keep reading. See the frequently asked questions and responses below for further details.


Q:1Is WhatsApp safe for Fouad?

Sincere to say, Fouad WhatsApp is superior, safe, and more secure than any arbitrary WhatsApp mods. Additionally, you don’t have to root your smartphone. One of the best WhatsApp mods currently available is this one. Both your account and your device are secure.

Q2:Unfortunately, Fouad WhatsApp APK will not launch when I try it. Why?

This issue is caused by a flaw in an earlier version of the Fouad WhatsApp APK, so you don’t need to worry too much about it; all you need to do to repair it is back up your WhatsApp data uninstall it. Visit our website to download the most recent version of the Fouad WhatsApp APK. I hope you’ll like the most recent edition.

Q3:Is there a DND mode on it?

Yes, a DND mode is present in the most recent version of Fouad WhatsApp. You can select contacts who can phone or message you with the aid of DND. It is a beautiful feature.


Overall, Fouad WhatsApp is an excellent WhatsApp MOD program that is both intriguing and practical to use. Its user interface and MOD features are pretty straightforward and helpful, and it is superior to the well-known GBWhatsApp. Additionally, only Android 5.1 or later versions are now supported.

That should be all. Please download the Fouad WhatsApp APK; the instructions will help you get started using it. Leave a comment below if you still have any questions. Please share it with friends and let them know about it.

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