GBWhatsAPP APK Download Latest Version (Official) January 2023

WhatsApp is widely used by users to ingest files, videos, and other forms of media. The most recent edition of GB WhatsApp APK is available for download and installation on your smartphone if you want to utilize it with a few more features.

The early version of WhatsApp was improved by developers with several intriguing features, such as hiding blue ticks, using WhatsApp, altering the background, adjusting the online presence, and others. This free modification offers more privacy.

App NameGBWhatsapp
VersionLatest Version
CategoryAndroid App
Size57.6 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.3+
Root RequirementNon Root
Last Update1 day ago
Total Downloads10M+
RATING5.6 ( 997939 ratings )

   Download GB Whattsapp APK

Numerous other apps exist in addition to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While WhatsApp is well recognized for its functions, a new mod that expands its functionality has just been launched. It is a superb tool that offers consumers cutting-edge capability.

GBWhatsApp APK

The original WhatsApp clone that has been regularly updated up till now is called GBWhatsApp. It’s another cleverly modified version of WhatsApp. While GBWhatsApp and OGWhatsApp are comparable, GBWhatsApp has many more advanced functions. After installing the GBWhatsApp apk, you do not need to delete WhatsApp.

Key Features of GBWhatsApp APK

As compared to the original version, the GBWhatsApp Newest Version can exchange ever-larger files, and it also can send multimedia files. Fascinating extra features include support for multiple accounts, distinctive themes, secret functions, and many more.

Because GB WhatsApp provides many features that the official application does not, we all like it. Discover all the functions and the most updated information about this special mod by reading the post.

Options for Privacy

  1. There are several privacy features in just this mod. Please have a look at these; they are now quite interesting and priceless.
  2. The recorded status and double-tick can both be hidden.
  3. viewing the message status and hiding the writing status

Emoji, Launcher Gifs, and Stickers

  • An excellent program with excellent customization options is GBWhatsApp. It offers and
  • incorporates quick pictures, emoticons, sticker sets, etc.
  • Emoji converter that is easy to use, stickers from the Play Store, & notification bar settings
  • The icon of the new launcher
  • There are numerous GIFs available, one of which features the moon.

Amazing multimedia support

  • GB WhatsApp has undergone several updates. Friends can now share larger files. Look below.
  • Transmit a sizable number of videos, audio, and pictures.
  • video files should not exceed 50 MB in size.
  • It is possible to transmit audio files larger than 100 MB.
  • before delivering, the original picture quality
  • Change the GB video player.
  • sending ten or more pictures
  • Instead of the prior restriction of 30 seconds, a movie can now be shared for a maximum of 7 minutes.

Auto Response

If you’re not available to respond to your WA contracts, you can use this tool. A message can be chosen for auto-reply. This feature is also offered by this website. You can also duplicate someone else’s status by tapping on it. You can do this without taking a screenshot of the user status. GB The functionality of WhatsApp is superb.


If you don’t want to have your other apps interrupted by Whatsapp messages, use the DND feature on your Android phone to restrict internet access to just GB Whatsapp.

Order messages

Users of GB WhatsApp APK can delete messages while sorting their messages using the Filter Messages option.

Send as many pictures as you can.

Additionally, you can send more photos than WhatsApp’s declared limit of 90 at once. You can also send your acquaintance a 100-MB audio file and a 50-MB brief film.

Languages, new themes, and many accounts:

There aren’t many new theme variations or overall theme options in the initial release. When examining multiple accounts, There can be only one account on WhatsApp. To use multiple accounts, we need various account apps. The limited number of languages that Android supports is 60.

There are many different theme possibilities for GB WhatsApp. We have the choice of making our themes or utilizing ones that have previously been created by others. Without the requirement for extra software like clone programs, it supports numerous accounts. In GBWA, you can create 3–4 accounts. Relative to the official edition, extra languages are also available.


You might also receive a notification if a contact on your phone changes their profile photo using this software.

Pop-up notifications

The ability to disable pop-up warnings from this program on your homepage is another amazing feature of the GB Whatsapp APK.

Amazing effects:

  1. Before sending photos and videos to friends and family, users can add amazing and distinctive effects.
  2. Additionally, Cool GB Features
  3. WhatsApp has its backup password option enabled.
  4. Preparing a message
  5. Add some lovely new tick styles to your current view.
  6. I can use WhatsApp Web, but all of the functionalities need to be repaired.

There are new features in the most recent version:

  1. GB The most recent WhatsApp update includes new improvements that make the app faster and more fluid.
  2. newly enhanced base
  3. Calling on participants results in the formation of anti-ban moderator groups.
  4. updated the emojis
  5. Speak up discreetly in a group.
  6. When looking for themes, there won’t be any more crashes.

Advantages of GB WhatsApp

Without dispute, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services out there right now. Numerous OSs, including Windows, iOS, Android, and others, are supported by the program.

Similar to YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp +, FMWhatsApp, and several other variants, GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the original software. Conveniently, there is an official app alternative called GBWhatsApp. It also offers additional functionality in comparison to other mods.


  • An internet connection is required.
  • You have access to the gadget gallery’s website.
  • There are available contacts.
  • WiFi usage is advised.
  • identification of the Device and Access to External Storage

GBWhatsApp for iPhone

The iPhone is currently the most widely used phone today, despite there being many others. For many owners of this device, downloading and installing iOS apps need assistance. Stay with me if you can relate to the downloading process!

  • Start by launching the web page in the browser on your device.
  • To get the iOS version, simply click the icon below.
  • Click twice on the downloaded file to launch the installation.
  • Click the install button to install it.
  • In a few seconds, the installation procedure will be finished.
  • Install GBWhatsApp for iOS, then run it.
  • Sign into an existing WhatsApp account or create a new one.
  • Use the app today and have fun!

GbWhatsApp Update Instructions

You may learn how to update to the most latest releases of the popularly used instant messaging program by reading this article. Open GBWhatsApp on your device after downloading the most latest versions, then tap “Install.” Your phone number will then be required by the app to confirm the installation. You can get in touch with the support team to verify the installation if you don’t have a working phone number. Every month, GB WhatsApp is updated.

You can alter the app icon, add new authentication methods, and conceal messages from a selected set of contacts in GBWhatsApp. In GBWhatsApp, you can enable Do Not Disturb by going to the site and installing the apk file. Despite how it might seem, this procedure is among the simplest ways to update the program. Download the most recent version by going to the GBWhatsApp website.

Go to the GBSettings menu to update GBWhatsApp. The chat screen’s upper-right corner has this menu. Confirm your account by clicking the button, then wait while the software is installed. Launch the app after installation is finished to access the newest features. From there, you may see and download any available updates. Before updating, backup chats, but just don’t worry—the process won’t alter the backups.

Visit the website and get the latest versions of GBWhatsApp to update the application. Verify that your broadband speed is operational. On rare occasions, your phone might reject downloads from unidentified sources or the app might stop working as a result of a developer mistake. Don’t worry; it’s simple to follow these directions. Installing GBWhatsApp is the next step after getting the latest versions.


Can I use more than one account with GBWhatsApp APK?

You can use numerous accounts, of course. You’re only allowed to have a total of four accounts. On the same smartphone, you can simultaneously use GBWhatsApp and the official app. However, a special number is needed for each application. Because if you sign up for GBWhatsApp using your original WhatsApp account, WhatsApp will close your official account. You need a second number to set up an account if you’re using the original WhatsApp app on your phone.

Is using the GBWhatsApp APK safe?

It places calls and sends messages by utilizing the original WhatsApp API. Your interactions are secure since there is no outside intrusion.

The GB WhatsApp Update APK: Why Use It?

GbWhatsApp is not required for download. Since you are informed of both the advantages and disadvantages, you have a choice. The most recent version of GBWhatsApp offers distinct and exclusive features. Although this is a different version, it has not yet been officially proposed, as was previously stated. You should use GB WhatsApp on your mobile with a temporary number because authorities can permanently suspend your account. However, it is permissible to use GB WhatsApp for a little period.

What is WhatsApp’s initial GB version?

The main contenders for using 2 WhatsApp accounts on a single phone are those who want to use GBWhatsApp, an enhanced and customized edition of the original WhatsApp. Its whole foundation is the WhatsApp Plus mod, which WhatsApp’s creators removed when they streamlined WhatsApp.


After reading through all the GBWhatsApp APK’s features, benefits, drawbacks, and commonly asked questions, you must be comfortable with it. It has several functions, as was already mentioned, including the capacity to read messages and mask online status. Numerous new features, including themes, custom themes, and multimedia capabilities, are included in the GB WhatsApp Latest Version. In addition to all of this, there are some negative aspects, such as a primary account ban. So go ahead and download the most recent GBWhatsApp version. Get the newest editions of the GB WhatsApp Upgrade, which is updated often each time a new update becomes available.

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