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JTWhatsApp is advanced. As a result, new patterns of these popular messages keep appearing, so this is among the most popular versions of WhatsApp, which contain an anti-blocking system and extra features over the original version. On the same phone, you can have two WhatsApp accounts. The modified version of the official WhatsApp MOD has several features that the original WhatsApp does not have. WhatsApp now has limited features, and the recent official WhatsApp privacy update has shaken up the entire WhatsApp fan community.

App NameJTwhatsapp
Size40 MB
Android Requirement4.4 +
Last updated1 Day Ago

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To solve all of the problems associated with the original WhatsApp, many people turn to modified WhatsApp apps like GBWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and others. It is one such app with anti-ban features built in.

JTWhatsApp is an altered version of WhatsApp. It is used daily to talk with best friends and family, share photos and videos, have group conversations, and do various other things. It is now one of the most effective tools in our daily lives. Even with the addition of video images, it has recently become a little tricky in terms of customization options and functionality.

JT WhatsApp

What Is the JT WhatsApp APK Good For?

JTWhatsApp is even more excellent thanks to several helpful and fantastic features! You can get features that aren’t even present in other modified versions of JTWhatsApp by downloading the app’s most recent version. This software can hide your online statuses and freeze your last seen. This app safeguards your privacy by allowing you to secure your JTWhatsApp account with a password.


JTWhatsapp has many features, but explaining them all might bore you. As a result, we will discuss some of the most distinctive features of JTWhatsapp.

Privacy Options

  • This mod alone has some privacy features. Please look at them; they are now pretty exciting and helpful.
  • It is possible to hide the recording status and double-tick.
  • Read message status and hide writing status.

Auto Reply

Do you know about the “auto-reply” option in WhatsApp Business? You can use that tool whenever you aren’t available to answer your WA contracts. You can select a message for auto-reply. This site also provides this feature. You can tap on someone else’s status to copy it as well. You must take a screenshot of their status to accomplish this. JTWhatsApp’s functionality is fantastic.

Anti-Delete Messages:

Like the anti-delete status feature, JTWhatsApp has an anti-delete message feature. This functionality allows you to read messages that the sender has removed. In the official version of WhatsApp, the recipient would read, “This message was deleted” in place of the sender’s name, making it impossible for him to verify the sender if they erased a message after it was sent. As a result of engineers creating a feature that lets you examine messages that the sender deleted, this problem must be present in JTWhatsApp. Keep checking back for updates, as JTWhatsApp will get many more features like this. You occasionally have an advantage, thanks to this feature.

Freeze Your Last Scene:

We only sometimes want people to see our last seen on WhatsApp because it makes us nervous. On the other side, you won’t be able to view other people’s last seen on the app if you choose to disable the last seen feature in WhatsApp’s official version. You might be asking at this point what makes JT WhatsApp so unique. JTWhatsApp will keep others from knowing how long you were last on WhatsApp while allowing you to view other users’ last-seen information. Utilize the three-dot menu in JT WhatsApp to choose JT Mods > Privacy. To make this choice available, select Freeze Last Seen.

Hide Action Recording and Text Typing:

Take a look at this newly added feature. As the name implies, you don’t want others to be aware of your online activities while a conversation is going on. Use this feature to keep your typing or voice recording from being seen by the person you speak to. Get JT WhatsApp right away to benefit from these incredible features and the highest level of privacy.

View Hidden Status JT WhatsApp:

It once again demonstrates how vital the JT WhatsApp feature is. Most people use a third-party version because of its enhanced privacy features. Thanks to this feature, those who have posted articles to your status won’t be able to know that you are viewing their status. To put it another way, you can view other people’s status changes covertly and without their knowledge by using this feature.

BlueTick was hidden and delivered.

WhatsApp users have long requested this feature, but the official designers could not implement it for several reasons. As the name suggests, when you receive a message, the sender will not be able to determine whether it has reached you. It is also true of the blue ticks. If you have read the message or not, the sender will know. There will only be one tick in his APP. But in the future, you’ll have access to his texts without his consent.


Tired of WhatsApp’s generic green theme? Want to give something new a shot? Make the WhatsApp UI your own with a variety of themes. It is JTWhatsApp’s most anticipated and sought-after feature, setting it apart from the original. There are over 100 themes in the library of JTWhatsApp, and many more are on the way. Choose the one that best suits you. Download JTWhatsApp immediately to use these fantastic features, and the best part? Nothing needs to be purchased; everything is free.

More Features of JTWhatsApp

  • Here are the most recent additions to the app that have improved on the most recent version of WhatsApp.
  • You can now add two different WhatsApp accounts to the same device.
  • The maximum video size that may be sent has also been increased from 16 to 30 MB.
  • Similarly, photo size and the number of photos that can be shared at once have increased. Instead of sending 10 photos simultaneously, you can now send 90 at once.
  • Not only that, but the photos you send will retain their original quality. When you send your photos, they usually need more resolution and quality. Never again, thanks to the upgraded JTWhatsApp JiMods Messenger application.
  • Not to mention your status updates. Your personality count has been increased from 139 to 250. As a result, you’ll be able to express yourself fully in your situation.
  • On that note, you’ll see your contacts’ complete profiles while chatting with them.
  • You can keep your online activity private if you don’t want others to realize when you were last active. Keep this away from any nervous twitches you want to avoid.
  • Aside from that, the app is now compatible with a wide range of file formats. These will also include PDF, ZIP, XLS, RTF, and several others.

How to Update the JTWhatsapp

Because it is a modified version of the official WhatsApp, you cannot get the most recent update from the Google Play store.

Please bookmark or save this page and return to it when you need to update it. MemuDownload.com always has the most recent JTWhatsApp versions before anyone else.

Step 1: Get the most recent JTWhatsApp v9.40 apk.

Step 2: After downloading the app, locate it in your file system and install it.

Step 3: Congratulations! You now have the most recent version of your JTWA mod app. Open it up and enjoy!

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After reading this article, you must now be familiar with the JTWhatsApp APK and its features. It is purely a WhatsApp anti-ban mod. You ought to attempt it. The official WhatsApp does not have access to all privacy settings, customization options, or multimedia features. What do you think, then? Please tell us what you think of JT WhatsApp in the comment section below. Additionally, please get the most recent JT WhatsApp APK. JTWA and other WhatsApp mods can be downloaded free and easily from our website.

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