NEWhatsApp APK Download (Official) Latest Version 2023

NEWhatsApp Apk is an Updated and improved version of WhatsApp that will surprise WhatsApp users. The NEWhatsApp is much better than the Original WhatsApp. Using NE mode Quickly, WhatsApp has built up an excellent identity, and users love it for its amazing features. It is the perfect time to download this app and improve your social life.

NEWhatsApp APK

App NameNEWhatsApp APK
File size30 MB
Last updatejust Now

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One of the most popular and widely used WhatsApp mods was developed by a third party called NEWhatsApp. This mod’s features are identical to those in the original WhatsApp, adding some great new features. You may modify WhatsApp, alter the app’s icon, and use themes if bored. These are all wonderful things. Everything a user needs is included in WhatsApp.

What is the NEWhatsApp APK?

It is a more developed and advanced version of WhatsApp that allows for voice and video chats with people worldwide. Compared to the official WhatsApp, this edition has been made simpler, making it easier to use for everyone. The new color of this app improves its appeal. You may add themes to your USB drive or storage separately with this WhatsApp.

NEWhatsApp APK

Like WhatsApp Arabic, this apk allows users to easily protect their privacy by hiding their last seen in NE WhatsApp. Users may also select their images, themes, and fonts to customize NEWhatsApp further. Moreover, this version no longer has a 16 MB video size restriction; instead, NEWhatsapp allows you to transfer video files up to 2 GB.


Remove any messages sent by mistake:

Did you accidentally send a message to another person and then forget about it for a while? Not to worry. The greatest service to quickly delete a message you mistakenly sent is provided by NEWhatsApp.

Send 2 GB of Files:

Users of WhatsApp are tired of the official version’s 30 MB file sharing limit. Yet, NE WhatsApp offers one of its best features by limiting the size of videos that may be sent to 2 GB. Send large audio files, movies, or videos without worrying about exceeding the 30 GB limit.

 Be offline when You Are Online:

In addition to the features listed above, NEWhatsApp allows you to protect your privacy. You may convert your WhatsApp to offline mode even if you are online. If someone sees you online and says that you use WhatsApp constantly, this will lessen your worries.

Hide the status by typing:

Moreover, NEWhatsApp still offers another amazing feature that lets you hide your typing activity. As with other modified version 5 apps, your messages will be delivered without letting the recipient know you were typing.

Choose your graphics:

You were able to edit and modify the visuals using WhatsApp. Pick your themes to make WhatsApp more attractive, and choose font styles to make your messages appear more impressive. Also, you can select the bubbles and ticks that you desire.

privacy protection:

Your privacy is one thing you don’t want to compromise, and with this version, you can use it however you want. You’re able to manage yourself.


This app’s fantastic customization choices are among its most exciting and attractive features. There are many choices for modifying wallpapers, themes, bubble styles, and more.

View of the control status:

Your ability to control your view of others’ status is now entirely up to you. You may easily control it from your settings and watch over someone without knowing who they are. One of this version’s best features is this.

Manage conversations:

It is the vital and amazing app feature you have all been waiting for so long. You can now see the message that the sender deleted. We are all left wondering what the message was and why it was deleted, but you won’t have to with this version.

Main Features of NEWhatsApp APK

  • Options for Turning Off AutoText Info
  • The section contains privacy options.
  • You can hide the identity of a contact or group on the chat screen.
  • A device for scheduling interviews is the interview card.
  • There are additional signs.
  • added bubbles
  • Many notification icons are present.
  • Changing the home screen’s style by choosing from seven options)
  • By choosing Launcher, you can hide the application’s name and icon.
  • At the top of the home screen, you can show the previous line or sign.
  • Instead of a 16-MB video, upload a 50-MB one.
  • You may send 90 pictures as opposed to 10.
  • Instead of the 139 characters you now have, add more than 250 characters to your status.
  • sharing links without submitting a sender or admin number on the chat screen
  • By clicking the links, you may view your friends’ status.
  • The program needs to differentiate between messages and normal broadcasts.
  • The name and date might be hidden while sending several messages.
  • Text encryption ability You can enlarge the text.
  • Three new shapes are now on the main screen.
  • If you prefer older emojis, they are still available.
  • Your name might be displayed on the home screen.
  • Wallpaper can be set for many screens.
  • You can use a variety of animation effects to make your chat better.
  • Automatic SMS/Email responses.
  • It is possible to call an unlisted number or send a message.
  • The ability to translate between different languages.


Is NEWhatsApp APK secure to use?

No complaints of malware, viruses, or data leaks have been made yet. You can use this mod with confidence and peace of mind.

How do I get the NEWhatsApp APK?

Click the “Download NE WhatsApp” button on this page to use this mod.

What is NEWhatsApp APK?

NEWhatsApp is any other modified version of WhatsApp made for user convenience by third-party developers.


NEWhatsApp is a special mod created by a third-party developer that is not the official version of the messaging app. It includes many incredible features, including the ability to customize the theme, alter the app icon, lock your conversation, and many more. It is a trustworthy and safe app. You can use it without worrying about privacy breaches.

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