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Do you guys need help finding a WhatsApp mod that won’t result in our accounts being banned? OG WhatsApp As a result, you have found what you were looking for. Have you ever heard of OGWhatsApp APK? Since this post is about the most recent version of OGWhatsApp, which is a very well-liked version of Whatsapp, please read it in its entirety if you haven’t already. OGWhatsApp, often known as OG WhatsApp APK, is a modified version of WhatsApp. Moderators are not all affiliated with WhatsApp officials. But each of these mods includes a few extra features compared to the original. Visit our website to learn more about the features and downloads if you want to read about those WhatsApp mods. Read the article below to learn more about what makes OG Whatsapp APK Latest Version for Android unique.

App NameOGWhatsApp APK
Size48 MB
Android Required4.5 +
Last updated1 Day Ago

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Important Details About OG WhatsApp

The official WhatsApp app has been updated with additional features, making it safer and more user-friendly. This updated version is known as the OG WhatsApp APK. The main distinction is that it wasn’t made by the official WhatsApp developers but rather by a third party. Recently, new mods like nswhatsapp and WhatsApp blue were released by other developers. The official developers did not produce it, but it is reliable and secure. As a result, it will never intrude on your personal space. You won’t experience any difficulties installing or utilizing it as a result. Another thing to remember is to use your secondary WhatsApp account for informal talk and personal correspondence.


Features of the OG Whatsapp APK

Pre-Built-Message scheduler

It is one of the most amazing features in the OG Whatsapp APK. There are instances when you could forget to call a family member, start a chat with a friend, or contact someone. With this tool, you may plan your messages to be sent at a specific time. Your message will automatically be sent to the user you specify when you identify with this pre-built message scheduler. By doing this, OGWhatsApp will automatically deliver the message to that particular contact. So use this function and stay in touch with your loved ones while maintaining your professional life.


Users who have installed altered versions of the messaging app may feel the agony of having their accounts disabled by the genuine WhatsApp. However, since the developers have solved the issue, you can easily be blocked by switching to the latest version of OG WhatsApp. This function makes the program safe and protected to use.

Status-Download Feature for Rooted Devices

Using this amazing program, you may publish your status in addition to conversing with your friends and exchanging photographs. By exchanging status updates and life stories with your family, you can use this tool to strengthen your family bonds. The user can also download status updates and stories published by their friends and family, which are unavailable when using the official WhatsApp app.

Make a call to non-added contacts.

If you’re using the official Whatsapp, you must add the number before you can call or send a message. However, this is not the case with OG WhatsApp because you cannot call or send a message to someone not on your contact list.

Block your particular contact’s calls.

Yes, you may block calls from certain contacts using this wonderful program if they are disturbing you by calling constantly. You can use this tool to block their calls partially. Simply disabling the call reception option for a specific contact in the settings will accomplish this.

Put a group name that is more than 35 characters.

Group chatting was one of our favorite features of the official Whatsapp. We enjoy lengthy group chats with our friends and family without encountering any issues. But when it comes to creating the group name, OG WhatsApp gave us more characters than allowed—35 instead of 25, which is astounding. As a result, you can use 35 characters for any amusing or intriguing name for your group.

Send over 90 pictures.

The ability to send up to 90 photographs at once, which was not possible when using the official WhatsApp, is another fantastic feature of this program. So take advantage of this great feature of OG Whatsapp.

The Integrated WhatsApp Locker

Since its release, users have been looking for a secure way to protect the privacy of their messages. Nobody, not even third-party developers, has made a WhatsApp extension or standalone locker. You have a built-in locker with OGWhatsApp to keep your app hidden from curious eyes. More Characters for Written Status In the official app, you are limited to 130 characters for your status. It may be challenging to write this. In the most current iteration of OGWhatsApp, the character limit was increased to 250.

Support for more languages and emojis

Emojis are an essential component of chats; without them, conversations would be dull. Emojis depict our emotions in our digital environment. The “OG Whatsapp App” features more emojis and supports several languages because of this. It currently comes with a wide range of installed languages that make it easier for users to grasp it in their terminology.

Routine updates

As you are aware, having updates is a crucial component of anything. Because of this, OGWhatsApp periodically receives updates to provide us with the best service possible. Updates come with brand-new features, bug fixes, and error handling. We have also provided you with the most recent version, enabling you to use all the functions without any problems.

Backup feature

The backup feature is the most crucial of all the features. Messenger programs will only live up to our expectations with a backup part. In light of this, the original WhatsApp, or The ability to retrieve the most important papers, photos, and other items that are significant to us, is another feature of WhatsApp. However, always back up your data because this tool will only be useful if you back up your information.

What’s New in the Latest Version of OGWhatsApp APK In OGWhatsApp

You can hide your connection status so that no one can annoy you. With the help of this feature, you can easily use different apps while avoiding receiving intrusive messages from your WhatsApp acquaintances. OGWhatsApp has great data backup and recovery capabilities. This way, you may access the same chats when you open or create your WhatsApp account on a different phone.

For the recipient to see the photographs in their original resolution, you can send unzipped images, much like with previously modified versions like GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp, and WhatsApp Plus. The most recent version of this mod has a tonne of new emojis so that you can enjoy the old ones. You can send more file types with OGWhatsApp, including eBooks. Your important business-related documents can now be sent as well. You can see images and videos in the most recent version of OGWhatsApp without downloading them. You can conserve your MBs in this way to use them for other programs.

Update the original WhatsApp

Visit our website often to see the most recent OGWhatsApp updates. Using the most current version of OGWhatsApp, you may utilize all the newly introduced capabilities. Because new versions of OGWhatsApp are not available on the Google Play Store, be sure to download the most recent OGWhatsApp APK if you use an earlier version of this mod.


Q1:Is WhatsApp OG secure?

OG WhatsApp is completely secure and safe. Since this mod hasn’t yet been linked to any malware issues, you shouldn’t root your phone to download OGWhatsApp. However, you can still install OGWhatsApp without problems if your device has been rooted.

Q2:The OGWhatsApp APK won’t ever ban us?

Contrary to many WhatsApp mods, using OGWhatsApp is secure, but only if we utilize unlawful features and violate official WhatsApp restrictions. Then our account will be banned. Since WhatsApp is not affiliated with any WhatsApp modifications, employing features that WhatsApp does not permit will result in a ban on our account. To avoid being blocked, it is preferable to utilize the original WhatsApp.

Q3:Can I use the same account for OG Whatsapp and official Whatsapp?

You may log into the same account to utilize OG Whatsapp APK and official WhatsApp. The only issue is that the other Whatsapp applications will not function when you attempt to enter your account. The same thing will occur again after you log in again. It prevents you from using the same account in OGwhatsapp and WA simultaneously. However, if you have the patience to log in and out continuously, you can use one account.

Q4:Where can I find the most recent OGWhatsApp APK update?

We have brought our mods’ most recent updates. Also, downloading them is simple. As you know, we employ a quick one-tap download button for our APKs. Therefore, you can visit our website whenever you need to download any updates.

Q5:Does OGWhatsApp work with my iOS device?

OG WhatsApp isn’t accessible right now on iOS devices. However, you might use GBWhatsApp, another WhatsApp mod. We will update you as we learn anything new regarding the OGWA iOS version. Use the official WhatsApp until then.


There is no denying that the finest mod for casual talks is OGWhatsApp. You have more than a thousand themes, so you’re never bored. It offers consumers several fantastic advantages.

And also There are some unique additions that you can utilize for free.

It has some great features for the users as well. After reading this post, I’m confident you will be well informed on the original WhatsApp. Let me know in the comment section if there is anything else.

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