Pink Whatsapp Download APK (Latest Version) For Android 2023

Pink WhatsApp is yet another modified version of the official WhatsApp that offers its users many additional features not found in the original WhatsApp. It has a floating button that allows you to access WhatsApp settings from the main screen.

This version of WhatsApp has so many features that you cannot even imagine them if you do not download modified apps. You can alter the default color of your home screen and apply the pink theme.

Regarding the official version of WhatsApp, users continue to face some limitations. Faces include photo selection, video length, and document size limitations.

App NamePink Whatsapp
Size24.1 MB
Android4.5 up
Last Update1 Day Ago

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If you need a WhatsApp messenger app that will remove all of these restrictions while adding new features, you should try WhatsApp Pink at least once.

WhatsApp Pink is a version for the renowned developer Omar Bathtub. This version is created for girls based on the application’s pink themes and functionalities. It works alongside the original WhatsApp with a different phone number, and it works with the original WhatsApp with various phone numbers.

Pink Whatsapp

Pink WhatsApp is a distinct and user-friendly WhatsApp software with a few features for anyone looking for extra benefits. It is impossible to adequately convey this software’s ease and features. However, we are still working on completing this app’s features.

Features of Pink WhatsApp

Attractive User Interface with Special Features

Since pink is the screen’s default color, the main screen looks considerably different from the official app. For quick access to the contacts and settings, it has floating buttons. The app is accessible in DND and dark modes as well. For adjusting the lower and higher bar, activating the tale format, and other features, it provides the “Omar Adds” option. You can also modify the background color and choose any other color or image instead of the default one. Access the theme and background color menus in settings, then choose a new theme and screen color.


Privacy management hasn’t been as secure as it is with WhatsApp. Select the level and type of privacy you wish to set up for the security of your application. You won’t be required to download any additional security software to encrypt your application.

Many choices are available to secure your application, like a numeric key lock, pattern, etc.

Additionally, you can manually configure fingerprint security for WhatsApp in the settings if your phone supports it.

Send Big Files

As far as sending files from the original WhatsApp is concerned, the size limit is 16 MB. In contrast to WhatsApp’s original version, you may now communicate huge files with the aid of this program.

Check out Hidden Last Seen

You can not only love the pink theme with this update of WhatsApp, but you will also gain a fantastic feature that allows you to view the secret last-seen information about your contacts. One of WhatsApp Pink’s most outstanding features is this one.

Private Media

Having unfettered access to hidden images and videos. You can hide your message from others in addition to your online and media status by utilizing these top Pink WhatsApp capabilities.

Copy Text

Please copy the text from your contacts’ statuses on your mobile device and upload it wherever you like.

Given how few WhatsApp-modded applications allow you to easily copy text status, this is one of the application’s clever features.

Hide Message

From the home screen, hide the chats or establish a password. If someone were to open the message from WhatsApp’s home screen, they would also need the password you previously specified.

Also, remember that the chat and application passwords will differ, so you shouldn’t worry that they will both have the same password.

Data Format

any file, in any format, to send. You can transfer files like mp4 and mp3 without worrying about their size or length.

Pink: No matter how long a document is, you can send it via WhatsApp. The file size will be sufficient for you as a result. In contrast to some modified versions of WhatsApp and the official WhatsApp, this version allows you to increase the maximum video size you won’t share.

Download status

Download your friends’ status updates and postings directly. The current status of your friends must be downloaded through a third-party application, just like with the original WhatsApp.

Additionally, the applications you install to obtain status updates may sometimes need to be more secure for your mobile device. You can install the status with pink WhatsApp without installing a third-party program.

Pros and Cons of Pink WhatsApp


The app is widely used and has a large user base.

It is feature-rich and simple to use.

Through pink WhatsApp, people may effortlessly converse with one another.


Some users complain that the software could be faster and easier to use.

Choosing someone to communicate with can be challenging because there are few phone numbers on Pink WhatsApp.


Q1:Is pink WhatsApp safe to use?

Experts claim that by clicking singing on the WhatsApp pink link, users risk losing access to their WhatsApp and giving hackers access to their devices. According to the security professionals, the link does not change the theme as claimed in the group chat.

Q2:Where can I get pink WhatsApp?

You cannot find Pink WhatsApp there because Google Play has not validated this third-party app. Click the “Get Pink WhatsApp” button on this page to download the mod.

Q3:How do I make a WhatsApp update?

Please keep checking our website for Pink WhatsApp’s most recent changes. Make sure to download the most recent pink WhatsApp APK if you have an earlier version of this mod.

Q4:What’s pink WhatsApp for?

Using WhatsApp is ideal if you’re seeking a fun and exciting approach to keeping in contact with family and friends. With Pink WhatsApp, there are no boundaries to what you can achieve because of its simple interface and limitless options. WhatsApp offers something for everyone, whether you want to discuss current affairs or organize a fun weekend getaway with your loved ones. So why are you still waiting? Use pink WhatsApp right away!


If you want a WhatsApp messaging program that does not subject you to these limitations and provides you with additional new capabilities, you must give WhatsApp Pink a try at least once. It offers the user some incredible advantages. Additionally, you will receive some additional features that are free to use.

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