Whatsapp Plus APK Download 2023 Latest Version For Android

WhatsApp Plus is nothing more than a modified version of WhatsApp. You may use it as a chat app to communicate with your friends and send them content like movies, photos, emoticons, and documents. WhatsApp Plus is the most recent version of WhatsApp that allows for total customization. A download link will be available on any third-party website that hosts WhatsApp.

App NameWhatsApp Plus
Size57 MB
Total Downloads12M+
Requires Android4.3+
Last Updated1 Day Ago

   Download Whatsapp Plus APK

Many Android apps have benefits, but downloading WhatsApp Plus APK on an Android phone can provide you with even more.

With the help of WhatsApp Plus, you can control multiple accounts, hide your online identity, and reward aggressive behavior with blue ticks. You can use it to share the many customization choices available, picture-quality downloads, and other things with your friends. If you’re not sure how to react quickly to communication, you can use this app to hide your writing state.

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

I recommend that you look at its features before downloading it without first reading it, as they may help you decide whether to do so or not.

Privacy Options

  1. keep your online presence hidden
  2. Your view status has been hidden.
  3. Keep the second and blue ticks hidden.
  4. Hide your writing status
  5. The blue microphone is concealed.
  6. Keep your recording hidden.
  7. Anti-revocation can be activated or deactivated.

Customization Options

Using the editor for creating your themes and a marketplace with a huge selection of free themes, you can change the interface’s colors, fonts, and backgrounds.

It gives you full control over each component of the interface individually. Users can change the fonts, button layouts, and background colors individually.

Mode DND can enable or disable anti-revocation.

do not disturb mode accessibly

We can now hide our online presence.

being able to keep our feelings about anyone’s status hidden

The option to hide the recording while recording

We can also hide our writing status.

can hide the read message prestige (blue tick)

Theme store

Users do not need to download additional themes because this app includes over 700 different ones.This software installs themes and tracks them automatically by date, name, and version. Install themes of your choice and configure your app.

Auto-Reply Messages

Only the WhatsApp Business account has the auto-reply feature. The developer has included these features to distinguish this program from other WhatsApp mods. You can use this feature to create and send personalized automated reply messages.

Reactions feature:

WhatsApp Plus now has a reaction feature that allows you to react to a particular message. This feature was inspired by Messenger on Facebook.

What’s New in WhatsApp Plus APK

  • could increase the group’s membership
  • The settings were modified.
  • reorganizing the changelog
  • contemporary notification bar icons
  • New stickers, gifs, and emoticons are also included.

We regularly update WhatsApp Plus on our website so that you can use the most recent features. The most recent update includes new emojis, stickers, and gifs.

Advantages of Whatsapp Plus MOD

You’ll have access to more features and functionalities. Furthermore, this mod is anti-ban, so using it will never get you banned (according to what its developers say).

The user will have access to a lot more customization options and more security-related capabilities when using the MOD over the original app.

By freezing the connection time and line status, erasing typing and voice messages that are in progress, and freezing the connection speed and line status, the user can use messaging while always remaining invisible to contacts.

How To Update Whatsapp Plus

  1. If you’re using WhatsApp Plus, you need to update it. This process only takes a few minutes and is quick and easy. You’ll have to redownload it from the app store if you can’t find the most recent version.
  2. That one can also be used to update the Android app. An installation options window will show when you tap the Plus menu.
  3. This backup will allow you to access your previous conversations and media files. You can restore deleted chats and media files with this backup. The volume of your backup file will determine how many chats can be retrieved.
  4. New emojis are also included in the WhatsApp Plus upgrade. Your messages’ font and size are both changeable. The addition of history and documentation is a huge change.


Q1: Is installing WhatsApp Plus APK safe?

It is safe to use and install on an Android device, yes. Its main element is a customized WhatsApp version. This version has a few new features when compared to the original. During installation, ignore any pop-up notifications that may appear.

Q2: Is WhatsApp Plus compatible with iOS?

Yes, iOS users can get WhatsApp Plus. If you own an iOS smartphone, you don’t need to be concerned because you can still use WhatsApp Plus. Although there aren’t many WhatsApp Plus IPAs at the moment, plenty is being created. There are alternative locations where you can download WhatsApp Plus IPA files for iOS devices if we don’t currently have any. The IPA file will soon be accessible on this page as well. You won’t have to waste time looking for a simple download option because we will make it available as soon as we can. If you have an Android phone, you can also download WhatsApp Plus for free right away.

Q3: Is the WhatsApp Plus APK legal?

Although this app was previously removed from the Play Store, you can still download it right now. The WhatsApp team labeled this app as illegal and hazardous. The authorities, however, have not commented on this. The legal situation is therefore hazy.

Q4: What is the WhatsApp Plus APK’s legal status?

This app can still be downloaded right now, even though it was previously taken down from the Play Store. When several sources contacted the WhatsApp team for an explanation, the response wasn’t great. This app is considered to be on the “grey list” because it can either be considered lawful or criminal.


Because of this, WhatsApp Plus APK is great in many ways. When compared to the ordinary WhatsApp app, there are many things we can accomplish with WhatsApp Plus that are now not possible. We are all aware of the issue, though: using it may result in the cancellation of our account. Download the WhatsApp Plus APK right away.

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