Yowhatsapp APK Download Latest Version 2023 For Android

Get YoWhatsApp’s APK here: It is currently one of the most popular Apk Mod versions available. So, in this piece, I’ll discuss the well-known YoWhatsApp. The most recent features and installation techniques are available. Therefore, if you use YoWhatsApp, you will find this page to be of great use.

Even after the most recent edition of WhatsApp from its own authorized developers debuts on the Play Store, the program’s creators continue to update it. The best WhatsApp APK that can be downloaded to try out all the intriguing features is undoubtedly YoWhatsApp, also known as YOWA. By simply hitting the download option on the page, the Yo Whatsapp APK could be obtained.

App NameYowhatsapp
App size56.2 MB
Android Requirement4.5+
Total Downloads 7M+
Last Update1 Day Ago

   Download YoWhatsapp APK

Worldwide, WhatsApp is already used by millions of people. However, many users are experiencing issues, app crash issues, and poor performance because YoWhatsApp hasn’t been updated in a while. As a result, we made the decision to provide you with access to the latest edition of YO Whatsapp, which is without bugs, glitches, and performance issues. You can download YoWhatsApp from our website without having to worry about any spyware or adware. You can download YoWhatsApp from the links provided below, but you might want to check out the brand-new features first.

Features Of YOWhatsApp


Users of YoWhatsApp can completely alter the app’s home screen, conversation screen, and other features. YoWhatsApp Download also has a plethora of themes and creative customization options. You can further customize the WhatsApp interface by uploading your photos there. Sounds fascinating? YoWhatsApp is currently accessible for download.

YoThemes Store:

The YoThemes Store has access to over 4000 themes that you can download and use for free.

Modify the launcher icons.

Instead of using the same WhatsApp icon, why not change your launcher icons? You want to try something new. YoWhatsApp provides a selection of WhatsApp launcher images; nothing needs to be downloaded from a third-party icon pack because everything is available inside the program.

You can enable or disable the launcher and home screen’s message count badges:

This is yet another simple yet very useful feature for WhatsApp users. Do the unpleasant notification badge icons and the inability to turn off the badges themselves have a fix? Yes, you may disable the message monitoring symbol on the official app in YoWhatsApp.

The conversation screen can be closed by swiping left to right:

You can end the current conversation by dragging right from left. This is a simple step that could be beneficial to you.

Application Language:

You can use YoWhatsApp because it now covers over 10 different languages. It supports Hindi, a regional language, in addition to several other languages like Arabic, Espaol, Italian, German, Turkish, and more.


The original WhatsApp does not offer users perfect privacy. Today, privacy issues are the most crucial ones to take into account when using any social networking platform.

Freeze Last Seen:

If you activate this feature, you can just use WhatsApp without worrying about “Who can contact me?” because they won’t be able to see your last message.

Who is authorized to contact me?

simply accomplishes what its name suggests. By going to their profile, you can prevent any of their friends from contacting you. Any WhatsApp messages you receive will be disconnected as soon as they are activated. That is to say, you won’t receive his calls. Even though this feature could seem helpful, there might be situations when it creates a catastrophe. As a result, we suggest that you only use this feature when someone is bugging you.

View Status: 

The list of status updates from your friends won’t include your name if you use this YoWhatsApp feature. You can still check his WhatsApp status even if you don’t show up on his list of contacts.

Anti-Delete Messages:

On the normal version, if anybody erases a message he has written to you, you are unable to read it. However, YoWhatsApp’s “Anti-Delete Status” function allows you to still view the messages even after he has deleted them. Isn’t that function just amazing? Check out YoWhatsApp and all of its functions right away.

Show Blue Ticks After Reply

Blue ticks appearing after a response is one of WhatsApp’s best features. Your conversation partners won’t notice blue ticks on their conversation screens if you don’t reply to his messages. This tool comes in handy when we are working a lot and don’t have time to reply. We recommend downloading and using Yo WhatsApp, which is nicer than the official WhatsApp, because the official WhatsApp APK is lacking these wonderful features.

Create unique wallpapers for every contact:

In the official WhatsApp version, you can only select one chat background for all of your contacts. It is not possible to set different chat backgrounds for different contacts. The most recent YoWhatsApp edition does, however, let you choose a different chat wallpaper for each user.

Remove the contact’s profile picture:

The discussion screen now has the option to remove the contacts’ profile images. Only their names will be shown when this feature is turned on; their profile images won’t.

Some Exciting Features Of YoWhatsApp

Send Full-Resolution Images:

Sending pictures over WhatsApp has never been easy because the images we send aren’t always received with the same quality. The photographs we send or receive now have a little lower quality. YoWhatsapp, on the other hand, permits you to share pictures up to 18 megabytes in length without losing image quality. Download YoWhatsApp straight away to gain access to even more incredible features and exclusive customizations.

sending ten or more images at once:

There is a 10-photo limit for customers of the original edition. YoWhatsApp, however, makes it easy to send more than 10 photos at once.

You can send videos up to 700 MB.

The size of the movie is limited by the official WhatsApp client, and transmitting huge files is prohibited. YoWhatsapp APK is available in this circumstance to share videos as large as 700 MB in capacity.

Built-in Whatsapp locker:

Sometimes, WhatsApp sends us images, videos, and messages that are not meant for public consumption. As a result, we’re looking for a third app locker in the Play Store. What about YoWhatsApp’s already-integrated built-in feature, though? To keep outsiders out of your WhatsApp, download and try it out.

How To Download YoWhatsApp

If you’re thinking about implementing an open-source chat application, you might want to read more about YoWhatsApp. This tool is free, very user-friendly, and packed with great features. It can reconnect you with old friends and serves as an excellent WhatsApp replacement. You may send and receive messages as well as access your chat history. You can get the most recent YoWhatsApp APK from this link.


Can I access WhatsApp on a PC using WhatsApp Web?

In reality, why not, then? YoWhatsApp denies having any issues with WhatsApp Web. YoWhatsApp runs independently of WhatsApp and doesn’t interfere with its core features. Any computer, just like a regular one, can be used to access WhatsApp Web. You can use WhatsApp Web even if you use a cell number that is verified with YoWhatsApp.

WhatsApp updates: How do I do them?

YoWhatsApp is a WhatsApp alternative, although it is not available on the Play Store. So from where do you acquire your news? I’ll also tell you that. Hold on. If you want to update the app, you can do so by visiting our website. We strive to update the MOD APKs as soon as the developer provides a new update. Visit gbplus.net for planned updates and more awesome content.

Can I trust YoWhatsApp?

Yes, you won’t experience any problems using YoWhatsapp. Each and every mod is served by a single server, which also handles all data transport. There are no worries about using any of the WhatsApp mods because they are all secure and guaranteed to keep you safe.


Pick the best and discard the others. Why use the standard YoWhatsApp when the YoWhatsApp APK has more functionality and a few nice mods? The regular YoWhatsApp only provides basic features. YoWhatsApp is also updated each time a fresh official update shows up on the Play Store. Because YoWhatsApp is based on the official Whatsapp, it will function similarly to the original Whatsapp, but it will surely include some features that are unique to YoWhatsApp. As a result, we are continuously looking for alternatives, such as YoWhatsapp, which is perfect for us. In addition to Yo Whatsapp, there are other Whatsapp modifications including OG Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp, and Whatsapp Plus.

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